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Back to School Challenge #5: Aligning curriculum to standards

With the Common Core State Standards still being so new, there is a huge learning curve that educators will have to deal with in order to implement the standards successfully.

Here are some resources to give you a jump start:


What Do We Know About the Common Core Assessments?

How Does Cursive Fit Into the Common Core State Standards?

Avoid This Common Mistake When Selecting a Common Core Reading Program

How Do Special Needs & ESL Students Fit Into the Common Core Standards?

14 Basic Reading Skills Kindergartners Need to Meet Common Core Standards


Research-Based Teaching Methods for Meeting the Common Core Standards by Sarah Collinge, author of Raising the Standards through Chapter Books: The C.I.A Approach

How Reading Horizons Aligns to Common Core for Upper Grades by Heidi Hyte, Reading Horizons Curriculum Director

Reading Horizons Discovery and the Common Core State Standards by Stacy Hurst, Reading Horizons Reading Specialist


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